Second post

by Daniel Ingram

Well, I clearly am not that diligent about keeping an online practice journal. I do keep written journals at home, but somehow sharing all the little details online doesn't seem that interesting to me. However, I just thought I would give a brief update here anyway in general terms.

Sitting is mostly maintenance, just getting by. I sit, stages and states occur. There is no structure the vast majority of the time, just the various cycles cycling through as they do on their own.

I am considering a retreat for about 17 days in February, likely will be a mix of unstructured practice and elemental work, likely focusing on Water.

Most of my free time these days is dedicated to trying to strip my life down, sell my property, downsize, eliminate debt and entangling financial obligations such that I can work substantially less and have more time for things like the dharma, travel, music, exercise, and friendship: may this go well.

May all beings be happy and peaceful.