I had a fun discussion with Dan Harris of the 10% Happier Podcast (Episode 187) about a lot of topics in late March, 2019.

Steve James of Guru Viking and I did an audio/video podcast (Episode 14) covering a range of topics in early 2019.

I was interviewed on the Propane Fitness Podcast about Metrics for Meditation and other fun topics.

Michael Taft on Deconstructing Yourself and I had the following enjoyable and hopefully helpful discussions on podcasts:

I am creating a new series of Vimeo Videos: 

Here is an interview at Meaning of Life TV with Robert Wright. Here's the second interview there. Here's the third interview

Here is an interview on Cosmic Tortoise that covers a lot of fun topics.

Here is an interview I did on BBC Radio 4 with Joylen Jenkins on Out of the Ordinary about the Dark Night.

Here’s an interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump with Rick Archer from June, 2014.

Here is an interview on the Imperfect Buddhist Podcast 7.3. done in 2016

Here is an interview with Scott Gosnell on Startup Geometry/Bottlerocket Science.

Here is a list of Buddhist Geeks podcasts in which I have participated:


Here's a transcript of part of an interview I did with Vince at Buddhist Geeks:

Buddhist Geeks:The Simple Model

In February of 2009, I invited several people to my house in Alabama, aka Hurricane Ranch, for a long weekend of discussion, sharing, and practice. Included in this group were several members of the Dharma Overground, as well as some older dharma buddies. Fortunately, while we were having tons of great dharma discussions we recorded one of them and it is available here for download. In this discussion we covered several different topics, but the main theme of the talk was "Getting it Done versus Doing It." Participating in this conversation were Hokai Sobol, Kenneth Folk, Vince Horn, Mr. T. G., and myself. The 2 hours of this conversation are split into 3 parts.