Zoomboy was already a band when I joined it in 1993 after moving back to North Carolina from San Francisco. I replaced Doug Largent on bass when he went on to work on other musical projects. He is still playing bass in the area and is married to my sister Nancy. Anyway, the band consisted of Chris Seagle (lead vocals, guitar) (who also was in my high school and college bands), Tom Wisnant (drums, vocals), Ted (keyboards) and myself (bass, a few background vocals, recording). 

We recorded this album shortly before I went to India in late 1994. We only played a few shows out, but for me the best part was actually just playing at practice and creating music with those guys. 

The original 1/4" 8-track reels are lost at the moment, the digital 2-track master got fried, and this was reconstructed from a cassette tape I found. The sound quality could be worse considering where it came from. It was recorded all in one weekend at Tom's practice studio and mixed that same weekend. Most takes are first takes. This is what we sounded like live, with the exception of a few overdubbed parts (monster sounds on Monsters, for instance).

I really enjoyed this band, with it being all originals and lots of fun to play. I consider this the peak of my musical career to date, which is unfortunate, but hopefully at some point I will have more time to do things like this again, as it is hard to explain how much fun it was.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. While certainly they have their little playing mistakes and flaws, there is something redeeming in the creativity and energy. Nearly every song is making fun of some genre in some way, as was basically always the musical tendency when Chris and I played in any band.

My personal favorites are: Monstas, Penetratin' Oil, and If you Wanna Dance with Zoomboy, though there is something about all of them that I really appreciate even two decades later.