On this website I have many and various aspects of myself that I am trying to put all in the same place for many reasons: as a social experiment, as a point of personal integration just to see how it feels and what happens, as a vision of a world in which those who have learned to very unusual things with their minds and attention can say that they did that and still exist in other contexts, such as being a practicing physician. 

You are probably curious about the Daniel Equation: see blog post here towards the bottom.

I have a vision of how meditation is talked about, taught, shared and practiced that draws from the best of what I have been exposed to and seen happen, a vision that is all about personal empowerment, stripping away dogma and unhelpful taboos, people sharing with each other in ways that are down-to-earth, helpful, and pragmatic, and the vision that it can be done, rather than a dharma world that is mysterious, artificially heirarchical, dogmatic, and secretive. 

I hope you will find information that is supportive of the development of insight and peace in your life. 

Also, if you haven't found The Dharma Overground, please check it out, as there is a fine community of helpful, accomplished, aspiring and diligent practitioners there, and its spirit of mutually supportive dharma is wonderful. 

May all beings awaken in this lifetime.