I created a iThoughts mind map of Culadasa’s The Mind Illuminated (TMI) system during September, 2018. I had been invited to be the resident meditation teacher at Dharma Treasure in Cochise Stronghold by John and Nancy Yates during that month. I wanted to have a graphic tool by which I could discuss TMI with those who were practicing there. So, I combed through the book The Mind Illuminated, as well as his shorter practice guide book, as well as a handout on the TMI stages found on his website.

This Mind Map does not make any comments about or judgements regarding the system, but simply presents it as is. It specifically does not make any criticisms of it, compare it to any other systems, or anything like that. It is simply my summary of what I found in the TMI system having read about it and studied it. You should definitely consult the original works on which this was based for more information on the TMI system. This mind map also does not present information on the Interlude sections found in the book TMI, so, if you are interested in those, you should consult the book for more information on them so as to better understand the system.

Culadasa was given copies of the mind map in its initial drafts and after its final development, but made no specific comments on it, so his personal opinions regarding this mind map are unknown. However, it does straightforwardly present his material, so hopefully he has a good opinion of it.

I present this mind map in various versions so that people will be able to access it using various programs and in various formats. Please do not use this Mind Map for any commercial purposes. You may distribute it if you keep it intact and don’t edit it or take it out of context. Please give proper credit to Culadasa for his work as well as to me for my brief summary of Culadasa’s work. I present this summary in the spirit of Fair Use and for general educational benefit.

I have various complex opinions regarding the strengths and weakness of TMI, but will present those elsewhere.

May this mind map and the information in it be of benefit to meditation practice.

The Mind Illuminated Mind Map PNG (image): definitely zoom in to see the details. This is a large image, as it is a large mind map.

The Mind Illuminated Mind Map iThoughts format

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