Ñana and Pain-Pleasure.png
Ñanas and Motivation.png
Ñanas and Sleep.png
Ñanas and Mind Speed.png
Ñanas and Central Clarity.png
Ñana and Clarity of Periphery.png
Ñana and Attention Phase Harmony.png
Ñanas and Powers.png
Ñanas and Mental Illness.png
Ñanas and Energetic Phenomena.png
Ñanas and Body Temperature.png

These are a series of very general sketches of some typical qualities of the stages of insight (ñanas). Note well: there may be some individual variation depending on all sorts of factors, including individual proclivities, levels of concentration, physical and mental health, technique, dose of practice, setting, and a whole host of other factors. Thus, take these as very general guidelines, not as hard and fixed rules. There is a Vimeo Video explaining them here.