Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Could Not Get the Fascists Out

by Daniel Ingram

With thank to the great Shel Silverstein.


Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout

Could not get the fascists out.

She’d watch late night talk shows

And laugh at their jokes,

Communing with similar

Like-minded folks.

She’d vote in elections,

On tampered machines,

Gave money to Bernie,

The Reds, and the Greens.

She rallied in marches,

She sang protest songs,

She gave up her time,

Her dreams, and her bongs.

She organized sit-ins,

She ended up jailed.

She tried all she could,

But her efforts all failed.

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout,

Could not get the fascists out.

The Dems had been paid for,

The courts had been stacked,

The House and the Senate

With crooks had been packed,

Taking corporate money,

For corporate greed,

They ignored the warnings,

They watered the seeds,

They ignored the masses,

They let them all bleed,

With real wages falling,

And living declining,

They sold National Parks,

For drilling and mining.

They bought more elections,

They fanned hatred’s flames,

They convinced the masses

Someone else was to blame.

They dined with the makers

Of weapons of war.

They lined all their pockets,

Then came back for more.

They colluded with mobsters,

Then laundered the money.

They laughed at poor Sarah,

They thought she was funny.

She cried, “Revolution!”

But it was too late,

There were fascists from Moscow

To the Golden Gate.

They’d all drank the Kool-Aid.

They’d all bought the lines.

They drilled at their drilling,

They worked in the mines.

They made all the weapons,

They fought for their masters,

They bought all the products

That fattened those bastards.

They checked on her records,

Which filled them with hate,

And then poor Sarah

Met a terrible fate,

That I cannot right now relate

Because the hour is much too late,

But Children, remember Sarah Stout,

And always get the fascists out.