Here is where I will post the electronic versions of the draft versions of MCTB2, the second edition of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha. I hope to revise it based on public comment before finally printing it, such that it can be as good as it can be before the print version is finalized.

If you are interested in providing feedback, you may do so over at The Dharma Overground in the related threads there. Helpful editing comments will be most welcome.

There initial edited draft met with a series of complexities owing to interpersonal conflicts with the previous editor that were never fully resolved to anyone's satisfaction, so this draft you see below called Part I First Public Draft will not be included in the final book. It is here purely for historical purposes at this point. I went back to the original draft before it was edited and started fresh with a new editor, and, when that re-edited new version is available, I will likely post it here for commentary before it is finally printed.

Thanks for your patience.

Part I First Public Draft included only for historical purposes at this point, as it won't be in the final version of MCTB2.