I think that gratitude is one of the very best emotions for a large number of reasons, including that it embraces an understanding of interdependence, implies that good things have occurred, and usually involves beings helping one another. I have been helped along the way by countless beings in innumerable ways, a very short and incomplete list of whom appears here in no particular order. My heartfelt gratitude to the following beings for their help along the path:

To everyone who has helped to teach me the dharma, including but not limited to: the late Bill Hamilton, Kenneth Folk, Sayadaw U Pandita Junior, Sayadaw U Raginda, Christopher Titmuss, Sharda Rogell, Norman Feldman, Fred von Allman, Subhana Barzaghi, the monks at Bhavana Society, and all the rest.

Thanks to my friends in the dharma, including but not limited to: Kenneth Folk (for a very long list of things), Robert Burns (who also was kind enough to give me the first incarnation of interactivebuddha, hosted my website for about 12 years, and taught me a lot about Magick), Vince Horn (for website design and many other things), Dan Rizzuto (who helped me make my book better), Clyde Grossman (for editing and comments on my book), all the people at Aeon Books, including Oliver Rathbone, Duncan Barford (book editor), and to Alan Chapman, William Wakefield, and all the rest.

Thanks to my family, including but not limited to: Carol Ingram, David Ingram, Nancy Ingram, Christina Jones and Shelby Ingram. Thanks also to my first wife, Sonja Boorman, for putting up with me as best she could during my questing years.

Profound thanks to the members of the Dharma Overground and its sister communities, as well as those in the Pragmatic Dharma movement in general: to be a part of a community of strong, kind, dedicated, mature, empowered, straightforward and helpful meditators is a great and true blessing.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to staff retreats I have attended and built and maintained those centers of practice.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to perpetuate the teachings of wisdom down through the years, including the lineages from all traditions whose wisdom has been passed down to today.

Thanks to you for your interest in the dharma

Thanks to all those I haven't mentioned who helped me or any of those I did mention in any way whatsoever, as somehow their support contributed to all this.