Nearly all of my earlier writings have been compiled, edited, expanded and integrated into a work called Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book, and then this was revised to a much expanded second edition, often referred to as MCTB2, which was published in July, 2018, available in print from from standard booksellers and from my kind publisher, Aeon books, also in a limited deluxe 200 print run hardbound with ribbon and nice paper here (the content is exactly the same except the cover art attribution), and also now freely available online here. I think it is one of the more practical and technically detailed manuals for high-level insight and concentration practice available, and its maps of spiritual terrain and advice for navigating in unusual territory are world-class. Enjoy, use it skillfully, and practice well.

A first public draft of a Chinese Translation of MCTB2 is in progress by Jin Fang, to whom I am extremely grateful. It is being made available to help refine the translation, so, if you read it any find any errors or places it may be improved, please submit comments to Jin at MCTB2Chinese (at), with this email address spelled out this way to avoid spam bots.

Hagbard Celine has started translating MCTB2 into Spanish.

The first edition, often referred to as MCTB or MCTB1, is still available in various forms also, but, IMHO, the second edition is vastly better, as it responded to a decade of feedback and real-world experience that reader practitioners were kind enough to provide from the first edition.

The first edition is available in Adobe (.pdf) format for download below and is about 1.4 megabytes. When printed, the book is about 392 pages. In 2007 and 2008 I rewrote a substantial portion of the chapter on the Models of the Stages of Enlightenment.

The first edition from 2008 is also available at the Dharma Overground Wiki in wiki form. A Spanish version is being created and can be found here. An older version of the book is also available in blog format (blook)

My book has parts of it that are suitable for beginners, but some of it is likely to be somewhat daunting unless you are into hardcore practice. 

You may quote my book if you reference it properly, do not alter the text you quote, and do not use quotes out of context. Please realize that it is bound by the standard limitations of language and the author. 

To download the 2008 edition, click the link below... 

Also, some guy going by the name of Vajrapriya sent me .epub and .mobi versions of the book. Thanks for his help.

There is an audiobook version available also of the first edition, also available here on YouTube. It was most kind of the creators to make it and publish it as they did. Some of the words are pronounced very oddly, but you can ignore that. I will hopefully complete my own audiobook of the second edition at some point.

The first edition is also available in other languages, with many thanks for the diligent work of the various translators for the generous gift of their time and talents:

Slate Star Codex was kind enough to review the first edition of the book book here.

Also available is a simple 2-page handout on basic insight practice in Word (.doc) format: 

Insight Practice Instructions #1

A legal-size 2-page handout of insight practice with slightly more information than the one above is also available: 

A 11x17 handout of the stages of insight and awakening with a detailed table of defining criteria may be found below: